Alexander Yom Din

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All notes can contain mistakes, I am not claiming originality, etc.


Notes for courses taught at Hebrew University of Jerusalem:


Algebraic Structures 1

Weyl's character formula

Category Theory

Fundamental concepts in representation theory


Notes for courses taught at Caltech:


Number theory for beginners

Ma120c (semisemplicity, Brauer group, representations of finite groups)

Representation theory of finite groups

Representation theory of compact groups

Representation theory of real groups


Notes for some learning seminar lectures (mainly old):


Nonabelian hodge theory seminar lecture

HoTT seminar lecture

Weil II seminar lecture

Constructible Sheaves and Exit Paths (after

Howe-Moore theorem

Kahler analogue of Weil Conjectures (after Serre)

Riemann Hypothesis for Curves

Perverse sheaves on the stratified line