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  1. Adaptive Heuristics

  2. Invisible Hand? The Rationality of the Individual and the Welfare of the Group

  3. Uncoupled Dynamics and Nash Equilibrium

  4. Robert Aumann's Game and Economic Theory

  5. Surely You're Using the Sure-Thing Principle!

  6. Evolutionarily Stable Strategies of Random Games, and the Vertices of Random Polygons

  7. An Operational Measure of Riskiness

  8. Game Theory: Matchings, Infidelity, Market Crashes, Football ... and Cognitive Radio Too [in Hebrew]

  9. Nash Equilibrium and Dynamics

  10. Dynamics and Equilibrium

  11. The Optimality of Regret Maching

  12. Cooperative Games in Strategic Form

  13. Comparing Risks by Acceptance and Rejection

  14. Correlated Equilibria: Rationality and Dynamics

  15. Aumann's Science

  16. A Wealth-Requirement Axiomatization of Riskiness

  17. Riskiness

  18. Two(!) Good To Be True

  19. Evidence Games: Truth and Commitment

  20. Game Theoretical Snapshots

  21. The Query Complexity of Correlated Equilibria

  22. Smooth Calibration, Leaky Forecasts, Finite Recall, and Nash Dynamics

  23. Le Monde de Monderer

  24. Blotto, Lotto, ... All Pay!

  25. Forecast Hedging: Calibration and Game Dynamics

  26. Calibrated Forecasts, Regret Matching, Dynamics and Equilibria

  27. Game Engineering, Incentives, Mechanisms, and Auctions [in Hebrew]

  28. 'Calibeating': Beating Forecasters at Their Own Game

  29. Monotonic Mechanisms for Selling Multiple Goods

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