Topology and Geometry Seminar

Department of Mathematics
Hebrew University

Organizers: Karim Adiprasito, Emmanuel Farjoun, Ruth Lawrence-Naimark, Zlil Sela and Jake Solomon.


Regular meeting time: Wednesday 1100-1235
Place: Ross building, Seminar Room 70A

2015-2016 Lectures

Speaker Title and Abstract
October 21
Hershel Farkas
Hebrew University
The Schottky problem via the Poincaré problem
October 28
Shmuel Weinberger
University of Chicago
Exotic Spheres, Lens spaces, Anharmonic manifolds, and Hilbert's 17th problem
November 4
Chaim Even Zohar
Hebrew University
Invariants of Random Knots
November 11
Cy Maor
Hebrew University
Limits of elastic energies of converging Riemannian manifolds
November 18
Lara Simone Suárez
Hebrew University
Whitehead torsion and s-cobordism theorem
November 25
Lara Simone Suárez
Hebrew University
Exact Lagrangian cobordism and pseudo-isotopy
December 2
Pavel Paták
Hebrew University
Homological non-embeddability and a qualitative topological Helly-type theorem
December 9
Julien Duval
Université Paris Sud
Ahlfors inequality for surfaces
December 16
Yochay Jerby
Hebrew University
Exceptional collections on toric Fano manifolds and the Landau-Ginzburg equations
December 23
Oren Ben-Bassat
University of Oxford
Multiple Lagrangian Intersections
December 30
Amitai M. Yuval
Hebrew University
Geodesics of symmetric positive Lagrangians
January 6
Egor Shelukhin
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
The $L^{p}$ diameter of the group of area-preserving diffeomorphisms of $S^{2}$
January 13
Penka Georgieva
Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu - Paris Rive Gauche
Real Gromov-Witten theory in all genera
January 20
Matan Prasma
Radboud University
Model-categorical cotangent complex formalism
February 24
Mikhail Katz
Bar Ilan University
Determinantal variety and bi-Lipschitz equivalence
March 2
Dmitry Tonkonog
University of Cambridge
Monotone Lagrangian tori and cluster mutations
March 9
Frol Zapolsky
University of Haifa
On the contact mapping class group of the prequantization space over the $A_m$ Milnor fiber
March 16
Sara Tukachinsky
Hebrew University
Point-like bounding chains in open Gromov-Witten theory
March 23
Amitai Zernik
Hebrew University
Fixed-point Expressions for Open Gromov-Witten Invariants - overview and $A_{\infty}$ perspective
March 30
Amitai Zernik
Hebrew University
Fixed-point Expressions for Open Gromov-Witten Invariants - idea of the proof
April 6
Special place:
Levi 06
Sari Ghanem
Université Joseph Fourier - Grenoble I
The decay of SU(2) Yang-Mills fields on the Schwarzschild black hole with spherically symmetric small energy initial data
May 4
Shaofeng Wang
Hebrew University
Constructing Virtual Cycles over Stratified Banach Orbifolds
May 25
Richard Bamler
University of California, Berkeley
There are finitely many surgeries in Perelman's Ricci flow
June 8
Ailsa Keating
Columbia University
Homological Mirror Symmetry for singularities of type $T_{p,q,r}$
June 15
Vasily Dolgushev
Temple University
The Intricate Maze of Graph Complexes
June 15
Special time:
Ezra Getzler
Northwestern University
The derived Maurer-Cartan locus

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