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Leonid Pasternak (1862-1945)

Albert Einstein Portrait

oil on canvas, 1924

A portrait of Albert Einstein (1879-1955) by the famous Russian impressionist Leonid Pasternak (1862-1945, father of the writer Boris Pasternak)

The portrait was restored in 2008/9, by Ghiora Elon, head of the Israel Museum painting conservation laboratory.
The frame was restored by Alice Dias Goldschmidt and Michal Blankett of Studio Oro and by Robert Cohen of Antique.

Einstein portrait by Pasternak, 
before restoration Einstein portrait by Pasternak, 
after restoration
Before restoration After restoration

Photographed by: Ghiora Elon (portrait restorator), Jerusalem
© 2009, All rights reserved.

The Albert Einstein Portrait @ The Hebrew University Curatorship website

Hangs on the wall above the entrance to the main reading hall of the Mathematics and Computer Science Library.

main reading hall view      entrance view

Photographed by: Douglas Guthrie, Jerusalem
© 2008, All rights reserved.

Until 1948, the picture was on display in the Philip Wattenburg Building (see picture).

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