Art in the library    color palette    אמנות בספריה

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Library Photographs    camera    תמונות מהספריה
Main reading hall: Layout (by shelf number)      מפת הספריה
Mathematical models display
exhibited permanently at the entrance area

A portrait of Albert Einstein (1924)
by the famous Russian impressionist Leonid Pasternak (1862-1945, father of the writer Boris Pasternak)
Hangs on the wall above the entrance.
News: The portrait was restored in 2008/9.

A bronze bust of Albert Einstein (1933)
by the English sculptor Sir Jacob Epstein (1880-1959)
Stands near the entrance.

Several paintings by former library director Katja Mosnaim (1923-2005)
displayed in different places in the library, including the display corridor of current periodical issues

Quilt / Annamaria Brenti
Displayed in the reception hall

The Hebrew University Curatorship : Artistic activity at the university
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Last updated: March 14th, 2016