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Seminar on

Random walks, equidistribution, and rigidity

March 8 – 13, 2020 at Ohalo, Israel


DESCRIPTION: The workshop will consist of four main mini-courses and several additional lectures.
The workshop will take place on the shore of the Sea of Galilee, at Ohalo Manor Hotel.
Stiffness and Rigidity for inhomogeneous random walks, Aaron Brown (Northwestern).
Equidistribution and arithmetic of periodic torus orbits, Ilya Khayutin (Northwestern).
Rigidity, stability, and invariant random subgroups, Arie Levit (Yale).
Higher rank rigidy and von-Neumann algebras, Jesse Peterson (Vanderbilt).
FINANCIAL SUPPORT: We expect to be able to pay the local expenses (lodging and board at Ohalo) from the conference budget. If you are able to fund your own local costs please tell us as this will allow us to offer more support to graduate students and postdocs. Graduate students will be housed in double rooms - please indicate in the registration form if you have any preferences for room sharing. Depending on our budget, we might be able to help with the travel expenses of graduate students or post-docs. Please indicate in the registration form if you require such assistance.
ARRIVAL AND SCHEDULE: The first lectures will be held on Sunday at approximately 15:00 (3PM). We will provide transportation to Ohalo, information will appear in due course at this location.
ORGANIZERS: Tsachik Gelander - Weizmann
Shahar Mozes - Hebrew University
Elon Lindenstrauss - Hebrew University
Barak Weiss - Tel-Aviv University
Administrative issues: Efrat Brandwine - The Hebrew University
SPONSORS: The Workshop is funded by the Israel science foundation (ISF), the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities (Batsheva de Rothschild), and the European Research Council through the HomDyn grant.
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