Aix en Provence 
25-26-27th June 2014 Workshop on Diffeology etc.

List of Participants (May. 2014)
(Every participant is supposed to expose his work)  
Augustin Batubenge (South Africa)
“Frolicher spaces as diffeologies: topologies, geometry and category properties” 
Pierre Cartier (France)
“L'application de retour de Poincaré, vue dans l'optique des pseudo-groupes de transformations transversales, avec application aux équations différentielles nonlinéaires.”
Paul Donato (France) 
“A Question on the group of Diffeomorphisms of a Manifold”
Stephane Dugowson (France)
“Connectivity structures of quantum entanglement”
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Paolo Giordano (Austria)
“Theory of infinitely near points in smooth manifolds: the Fermat functor”
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Serap Gürer (Turquie)
“Algebraic Topology of Diffeological Spaces”
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Patrick Iglesias-Zemmour (France)
“Smooth Periodic Functions and Quasi-Projective Spaces”
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Hassan Jolany (France)
“Geometric Quantization on Coadjoint Orbits”
Marc Lachièze-Rey (France)
“Dynamic with histories”
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Jean-pierre Laffineur (France)
“Diffeology and Non-Commutative Geometry for Orbifolds”
Jean-Pierre Magnot (France)
“Quelques problèmes ouverts sur des espaces difféologiques de configurations”
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Thierry Masson (France)
“An introduction to non-commutative geometry”
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Jean-Jacques Szczeciniarz (France)
“Elements for a philosophical reflection on the question of the relationship between physics and geometry. Two  different open questions a) The category issue. b) The Penrose case.”
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David Trotman (France)
“Thom-Whitney and Lipschitz stratifications : new existence theorems for definable sets in o-minimal structures”
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Ralph Twum (USA)
“Remarks on Diffeological Spaces and Enriched Categories”
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Jordan Watts (USA)
“Basic Differential Forms on a Proper Lie Groupoid”
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Seth Wolbert (USA)
“Parallel Transport for Orbifolds as Geometric Stacks”
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Enxin Wu (Austria) 
“Diffeological vector spaces, homological algebra and application to analysis and geometry”
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The Theme of the meeting, in french (an english translation, someone?). 

Supported by the LabEx CNRS Archimède.

If you find this page by chance and want to attend the workshop, send me an email, I’ll send you all the necessary informations to organize your trip. But unfortunately, we cannot take your fees in charge. 

The participants will be housed at the following hotels: Hôtel Cardinal, Residence 
Les Estudines, Hôtel le Manoir. Diffeology 2014_files/Theme%20Diffeology%20Aix%202014.pdf
As follow-up of the 2013 meeting, we organize a second workshop in Aix-en-Provence on the subject “New Geometries for Physics”. We’ll focus on Diffeology but we do not exclude any other extension of the classical framework of Differential Geometry — Non-Commutative Geometry to name one — that try to answer questions raised by Physics.