Orbifolds as Stratified Diffeologies
April 6, 2022
We introduce in this paper a general framework for the stratifications in diffeology. We discuss
Quasifolds, Diffeology and Noncommutative Geometry
May 8, 2020
After embedding the objects quasifolds into the category {Diffeology}, we associate a C∗-agebra
Every Symplectic Manifold Is A (Linear) Coadjoint Orbit
November 19, 2019
In this paper, we prove that every symplectic manifold is a coadjoint orbit of the group of
Cech-De-Rham Bicomplex in Diffeology
June 21, 2019 Update January 27, 2022
This article is an improved version of a preprint, written in French and never published, that
Refraction, Reflexion and General Covariance
October 1, 2018
In this paper I show how we can recover the standard law of refraction and reflexion of geodesics
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