Example of Singular Reduction...
November 1, 2014, update March 5, 2015
This is an example of symplectic reduction in diffeology where the spaces involved are infinite
Integration of closed forms in diffeology
December 31, 2013, update December 31, 2013
WORK IN PROGRESS. — I explore a geometrical representation of De Rham cohomology classes, for
The Space of Geodesics of a Lorentzian Manifold
September 28, 2013, update September 28, 2013
Here are two letters that I wrote to Serge Tabachnikov in May 2006, after we had a discussion on
Primary Spaces, Mackey’s Obstruction etc.
March 27, 2012, update November 8, 2013
Joint work  with Francois Ziegler.
We call a hamiltonian N-space primary if its moment map is onto
Lagrange et Poisson, sur la variation des constantes
January 19, 2012, update December 21, 2012
Le but de ce texte est de dégager la chronologie, les relations, et la nature respective des
This is a list of articles I wrote, published or not (all of them are interesting ;-) And, each of them can be downloaded as pdf.
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