Connections et diffeologie
October 15, 1986
The set of connections of a principal bundle over a manifold is equipped with a particular diffeology. I called it “the compact diffeology”, because it depends of the behavior outside compacts. Then, I show that, equipped with this diffeology, the action of the gauge transformations group defines a diffeological fibration. I discuss the conditions for which this fibration is not trivial, using the exact homotopy sequence of diffeological bundles established in my thesis. This non-triviality is related to the so called “Gribov ambiguity” of physicists. This pdf is the scan of the CPT preprint.D9DD15EE-6993-4CA3-8B9B-4FC1DEF4A418.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

Text of a talk given at the conference "Aspects dynamiques et topologiques des groupes infinis de transformation de la mécanique", 1987, Lyon, France.
Publ. in Col. Travaux en Cours, vol. 25, pp. 61-78, Hermann Paris, 1987.