Setting Colors and Fonts
You can set the colors and fonts of your TeX file via the Fonts & Colors Menu of the Preferences Menu. The names are clear enough to tell what they control

The Fonts & Color preferences window
 The Function Menu
The LaTeX "Sections" "Part", "Chapter", "Section" and "Subsection" register to the Function Menu of the text editor. They give a rapid way to jump to one of these parts in the text, and at the same time an outline.

The Function Menu
You can add separators in the menu using the MARK: token (implemented from XCode syntax specification).

The MARK: token
To insert a bold menu named "Title Page", insert the comment line
%% ... MARK: Title Page
in the TeX file, the three dots may be whatever you want, it doesn't appear in the menu. To insert a Menu Separator insert the comment line
%% ... MARK: -
Have Fun !

Created under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC 4.0.
The target
The motor of the TeX Typeset is the Run Script contained in the Target. 

The Target Group and the Run Script
The main target is named with the name of the project and “ "Typeset" as prefix. This target contains a shell script which is launched when you click on the Build button.Double click on the Run Script icon to display the script.
The Run Scrip
Double click to Run Script icon in the Target Group to display the Run Script window which contains the script launched when you build the project (Build Button). 
Note: In the toolbar the running target is displayed in the Target Menu (see picture The Target Group and the Run Script).

The Run Script window
Add Targets for typesetting other files
You can add as many targets as you want, for your various tex documents contained in your project. First choose Add/New Target... in the Action Menu on the toolbar, then choose Shell Script Target
The New Target window

Go to Next, give a name to your new target. Once the target is created, display the Run Script element by opening the left triangle (look the Target Group and Run Script window above), double click and enter your script, something like this (replace "TODO" by the name of your file).

 TeX with Xcode 3
This is an implementation of a 
syntax coloring for TeX/LaTeX/BibTeX 
to use with Xcode 3.x. It is certainly incomplete and will improve with time. The syntax colorization is described in the file xclangspec which is a part of a private Apple's framework and comes without documentation. So, it is given without warranty of being supported in the future.
What does the the package contain and where it will be installed ?
A small set of templates

LaTeX Syntax coloring specifications files 

BibTeX Syntax coloring specifications files 

LaTeX/BibTeX Coloring scheme

You are welcome to send me your own template and I'll may add it to the package ’without forgetting credit.
Once it is installed
Open new project and choose one kind of document

Templates window
The structure of the project 

Project window
The project window contains your Documents the Target Group (see below), Find Results and Bookmarks. I have hidden the other usual suspects because they are useless here. You can, of course, add whatever files you want and organize your space as you want. It is just a template and if you are an XCode user you know how to do. 
Getting your project being typeset 
Just click the Build Button in the ruler or launch the build in the Menu Build. That'’s it. 
Note: Don’t launch the Run menu, XCode will tell you that there is no executable to launch, which is true by the way.
Any comment, suggestion is welcome, good luck!
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version 1.3, July 5, 2010 The script below works with the distribution TeX Live, get the install here. Download [[Version 1.3.1] For Xcode 4 or 5,
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