At the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. First semester 2007-08.
A course on  relativity

The Syllabus and The Outline.

The Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University.

The manuscript notes of the course 
These notes are a personal draft. I scanned and put them here just to help you to check your own ones. They may not match exactly the content and the order of the classes.
Galilean Relativity: GR1, GR2, GR3, GR4
Einstein’s Special Relativity: ER1, ER2, ER3, ER4
Einstein’s General Relativity: GenR1
Geodesics: Geod1, Geod2, Geod3
Maths Notes: M1, M2, M3, M4, M5

Readings: Concepts 
Physics, Aristotle.
מורה נבוכים, רמבם. החלק השני, פרק י"ג - פרק י"ד
Concepts of Space, Max Jammer.
Concepts of Simultaneity, Max Jammer.

Readings: Differential Geometry 
Differential Geometry..., Marcel Berger & Bernard Gostiaux.
Treatise on Analysis vol.III, Jean Dieudonné (as pdf).
Advanced Calculus, Shlomo Sternberg.
Calcul LInéaire, Jean-Marie Souriau.

Readings: General Relativity 
Relativity: The Special and the General Theory, Albert Einstein.
Géométrie et Relativité, J.-M. Souriau. Hermann, Paris 1964.
Semi Riemannian Geometry, S. Sternberg.
Modèle de particule à spin..., J.-M. Souriau, Ann. Inst. H. Poincaré, Paris 1974.
General covariance and the passive equations of physics, S. Sternberg. Einstein Memorial Lecture Jerusalem 2006.

Readings: Mechanics 
Structure of Dynamical systems, J.-M. Souriau.
Symplectic Techniques in Physics, Victor Guillemin & S. Sternberg
Course on Relativity_files/Relativity%202007%20Syllabus.pdfCourse on Relativity_files/Relativity%202007%20Outline.pdf
יום ה' שפ' 24, 11:00
יום ב' פלדמן א, 16:00
Albert Einstein, who by the way took an active part to the foundation of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, changed dramatically our understanding of relations between motions, space, time and matter. This course will adopt a modern approach to relativity thanks to the special role of the symplectic structure existing on  the space of motions in mechanics.