Practical information

Getting to Israel

Israel's international airport is Ben Gurion Airport (TLV).
Israel has visa waiver agreements with many countries, but please check your status.
Be sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months. Bring the invitation letter with you.

Getting to Jerusalem

There are sevearl transportation options from the airport to Jerusalem (airport link):

  • Bus Line 485 to/from Jerusalem. Cost: ~15 NIS. Tickets can be purchased for cash on the bus. Leaves every hour on the hour. Operates 24 hours weekdays, no Friday afternoon - Saturday evening. For more information click on "Afikim" in the link above.
  • Shared shuttle ("Nesher"). Cost: ~50 NIS per person.
    Travel time: 1-2 hours (depends on time for shuttle to fill up and let people off).
  • Taxi. Cost: ~330 NIS.
    Travel time: ~1 hour (less if traffic is light)
No tip is expected.


Participants from abroad will be staying in the Prima Park Hotel near campus. Check-in desk is open 24 hours.


Breakfast - At hotel (and included in room) for hotel guests.
Lunch - During the conference (Sun-Thu) lunch will be served at the conference site.
Dinner - We will have a conference dinner on Wednesday evening at Derech Hagefen restaurant at Bet Zayit. On other evenings guests are on their own. A list of resteraunts is coming soon...
Refreshments will be served in the course of the workshop.

Getting to the workshop

The workshop will be held at the Belgium House (faculty guesthouse) on the Edmond. J. Safra (Givat Ram) campus of the Hebrew University.

Be sure to bring your passport (or other photo id) to facilitate entry to campus

The walk from the hotel to Belgium is ~15 minutes (mostly through the campus).

Here is a map of the campus.

Lecture Hall Facilities

The lecture hall will be equipped with small-to-medium white/black-board, and computer projector with standard connection. If you have additional technical needs please contact the organizers.


Wireless is available at the hotel (cost is included inthe rooms) and at the conference site.