Mike Hochman

Email: michael dot [last name] at mail dot huji dot ac dot il
Office: Ross building, room 75
Tel. (02) 6584326 (international: +972 2 6584326)

Einstein Institute of Mathematics,
Edmond J. Safra Campus (Givat Ram),
The Hebrew University,
Jerusalem 91904,

   Here is what Primo Levi has to say about it.
   Some information for students (but not only).

Research interests
   Briefly: Dynamical system and ergodic theory, fractal geometry, metric number theory, tiling systems.
   A non-technical explanation.
   Some open problems.

Publications, preprints and notes
   on Arxiv.
   on Mathscinet (requires subscription).

   Some conferences I've heard about (and the ones I'm attending).
   The HUJI dynamics seminars.
   The Eshnav - Contemporary math for undergrads (at HUJI).
   What's happening in the Jerusalem culture scene.