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(Circulation guide - Hebrew abstract) כללי השאלה - תקציר

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Interlibrary Loan services are available through the Harman Library
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New Loan Policy
The Library Authority, in cooperation with the member libraries has compiled a unified loan policy, a copy of which may be obtained at the Loan Desk.

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Reader's registration

Who can register to the library What you need to bring Service charge
University Students
Please bring ONE of the following:
  • Valid student card (issued by the Student Accounts Department).
    Cards are updated each year with a sticker.
  • Use the מידע אישי לתלמידים (Student information) site. Print or show the librarian the validation (אישורים).
  • Tuition payment receipt
Visiting Faculty and Researchers Student card or a letter from the Institute's office None
University employees Staff member card, employee's card or salary slip None
University pensioners Pensioners card + identity card number None
Faculty and graduate students of the seven Israeli academic institutions An official letter from the central university library with which you are affiliated, stating that you are part of the institution, and that the library is responsible for any borrowed library materials. None
Guests may be able to register for a fee: Please inquire at the Circulation Desk.
A guest registration (for a fee) provides circulation services only.
A reduced price will be possible for readers who register in more than one Hebrew University library.

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Updating reader's registration

Validity    תוקף Contact information    מידע
Hebrew University staff & students The registration validity will be updated automatically. Students' contact information is automatically downloaded from the university's students administration
and can be updated through the Information for HUJI students site (except for the email).

Please make sure your contact information is up to date.

HUJImail: email for students
The university e-mail address assigned to you ( serves as the sole address to which the Library Authority will send messages.
This e-mail address will remain active until the end of your studies at the Hebrew University.
(More Information)
Other readers Please renew your reader's registration every academic year.

Reader's registration can be updated until 5 PM.

Please notify the library immediately of any changes (address, phone no., email ...)

Please make sure your email is correct and valid.
Readers without a valid email listed will not receive notices.

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Borrowing Privileges

Status No. of books
1 week 3 days Reserved Periodicals
Math or CS - Faculty, Ph.D., M.Sc. 30 3 3
Math or CS - B.A. Students 30 3 3
University employees, Outside readers 6 1 1 1

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Circulation rules

Each copy is assigned a loan status of 1 week, 3 days or overnight (marked with a yellow strip).
The loan periods for each book may be seen in the HUfind online catalog, in the holdings screen. You can also ask the librarian how long is the basic loan period for each book you take, before automatic renewal.

Books can be returned after library hours to the "book return" chute (left of the library door).

Please return your books by 14:00.

Borrowers intending to leave Jerusalem for more than one week should:

  1. Return all library material charged out to them
  2. or: Make arrangements with the Library to insure its prompt return if needed.

Make sure to return or renew your books before going to Army Reserve Duty. The librarian can extend some of the books for a longer time, If you show your Military Call-up letter.

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Reserve books circulation rules

Reserved books are marked with a yellow strip in addition to the white (mathematics) or green (Computer Science) strip.

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Journals circulation rules

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Automatic renewal of books on loan

Books not ordered by a different patron, will be renewed automatically according to the policy of each library.

An email will be sent if a book is ordered. You can reply to this email with any questions, requests etc.
If there are any problems, please contact the circulation desk at the library (tel. 02-65-84379).


  • Why didn't I receive your email?

  • Why didn't the system renew my books?

  • I received the following message: "Maximum due date or Card reached expiration date". What does it mean?

  • What can't I renew?

  • Can I receive your letter in English?

  • What about LibAgent?

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    Books which are out on loan can be ordered
    online Through the HUfind Catalog

    in person Ask the librarian at the circulation desk to order a book for you
    by phone tel.02-65-84379

    An email will be sent to your HUmail immediately when the book is returned.

    It will be held for you when it returns up to 3 days. If the book has been requested by other patron, this reserve period will vary depending on the demand and in accordence to the library discretion.

    Reserved books can be ordered up to a month in advance. Please ask the librarian to order a book for you.

    Information about requests for books or articles not available in the library, see: Interlibrary loan.

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    Fines and Penalties

    The reader is responsible for returning books on time.

    Books returned late from the general collection, ordered by a different patron: 10 NIS per book per day of delay.
    Books returned late from the reserved collection: 3 NIS per book per 1 hour of delay or 30 NIS per day of delay.

    Library materials lost or damaged must be paid for or replaced by the borrower. Charges are based on the approximate replacement cost to the library: A reader who loses a book will be charged for the cost of the item + 30 NIS handling charge.

    The librarians may suspend borrowing privileges when books are overdue or returned late. Borrowing privileges are subject to withdrawal if abused by the borrower.

    In the event of repeated offenses, the library may:

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