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Welcome to the Homepage of Ohad Noy Feldheim


  I am a senior lecturer at the Einstein institure of mathematics in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

  My main fields of interest are:


* Probability Theorey


* Combinatorics


* Mathematical Physics

In particular I am presently interested in:


* Controlled Stochastic processes


* Discrete Geometry


* Gaussian processes and Brownian motion


* Discrete Models in statistical mechanics


* Random matrices and random polynomials

  I was introduced into probability theory by Boris Tsirelson.

  Together with Ori Gurel Gurevich I am presently hosting Jiange Li in a postdoctoral position.

  Together with Ori Gurel Gurevich and Gideon Amir we have recently organized an IIAS conference about Random Walks on Symmetric Structures.


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