Galatasary University, 
Istanbul Turkey 
Autumn 2016 Course on Diffeology
First Week: Wednesday 23, Thursday 24, Friday 25 November 2016
  10:00 — 12:00.
Second Week: Monday 28, Wednesday 30 November & Thursday 1st December 2016
  13:00 — 15:00.
Official annoucement at Galatasary U.
The Syllabus.
The main document of the course.
Since its inception, in the beginning of the ’80s, Diffeology has become an alternative for a re-foundation of Differential Geometry. With its developments in Higher Homotopy Theory, Fiber Bundles, Cartan de Rham Calculus, Moment Maps and the new Symplectic Program, Diffeology covers a large category of traditional objects and constructions. From infinite dimensional spaces to singular quotients, Diffeology extends its scope far over
the usual domain of the Theory of Manifolds. We shall see some of its achievements through a series of examples, chosen because they are not covered by classical Differential Geometry , either because they involve infinite dimensional spaces or singular quotients.