The FPSAC 2020 Poster Session

We will present a poster at the FPSAC 2020 online poster session on Wednesday the 15th of July 2020 at 14:00 UTC.
More details can be found in the extended abstract or the preprint on the arxiv.

Title: Undecidability of c-Arrangement Matroid Representations


A c-arrangement is an arrangement of dimension-c subspaces such that all their sums have dimension a multiple of c. Matroids arising as normalized rank functions of c-arrangements are also known as multilinear matroids. We prove that there is no algorithm to decide whether a matroid is multilinear. In particular there is no algorithm to decide whether there exists a representable multiple of a given polymatroid.


We plan to restart a short 10-15 minute presentation about the poster at the following times: In the remaining time we are happily available for questions and discussions.


Lukas Kühne
lukas DOT kuehne AT mail DOT huji DOT ac DOT il


Geva Yashfe
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Einstein Institute for Mathematics
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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