Daniel Palacín

Einstein Institute of Mathematics
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Givat Ram Campus
9190401 Jerusalem
email: daniel.palacin(at)mail.huji.ac.il

    My research area is model theory, and more precisely geometric model theory and model theory of groups, ranging from the study of purely model-theoretic properties to its interactions with algebra.


  • On the class of flat stable theories, with Saharon Shelah.
    Submitted (2018) arXiv
  • The dp-rank of abelian groups, with Yatir Halevi.
    Submitted (2017) arXiv
  • Finite rank and pseudofinite groups.
    Journal of Group Theory (to appear) arXiv
  • Ample Pairs, with Enrique Casanovas and Amador Martín-Pizarro.
    Submitted (2017) arXiv
  • An introduction to stability theory.
    Book Chapter in Topics in Model Theory: Lectures from the Model Theory Month in Muenster. Muenster Lectures in Mathematics (MLM).
    To appear. pdf
  • Centralizers in pseudo-finite groups, with Nadja Hempel.
    Submitted (2017) arXiv
  • On n-dependence, with Artem Chernikov and Kota Takeuchi.
    Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic (to appear) arXiv
  • A note on FC-nilpotency, with Nadja Hempel.
    Journal of Algebra and Its Applications 17 (2018), no. 9. arXiv DOI
  • Superstable expansions of free abelian groups, with Rizos Sklinos.
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