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Journal d'Analyse Mathématique

Instructions to Authors

Le journal d'Analyse Mathématique publie des mémoires originaux d'analyse mathématique en français et en anglais.

Journal d'Analyse Mathématique publishes original papers in the field of mathematical analysis. The languages of the journal are English and French.

Papers submitted to the Journal d'Analyse Mathématique should ideally be prepared in LaTeX. Other TeX variants are also acceptable. Manuscripts prepared by other means may be delayed in processing.

After a paper has been accepted, authors will be requested to submit a TeX file of their paper.

Papers should be submitted electronically, preferably as PDF files, to, Once a paper has been accepted, authors will be requested to submit a TeX file of their paper.

Copyright. By submitting a manuscript, an author acknowledges that it is not being considered, nor will be submitted elsewhere, and agrees that the sole copyright is transferred to the publisher. This transferal is revoked if and when the publisher decides not to publish the manuscript. The publisher's copyright covers the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the article by any means intended or effectively used to make it available for inspection, reading, or consultation, including, but not limited to, printing, reprinting, photocopying and electronic means. The publisher grants the author the right to distribute a small number of preprints and reprints, to have a preprint available on the Internet and to include the published article in the author's own homepage and in a collection of the author's articles.

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