Prof. Binyamin Amirà (1896-1968) *

Prof. Amirà was brought from Russia to what was then the Turkish Province of Palestine in his early childhood, and he received his primary and secondary education in the young town of Tel-Aviv. He became interested in mathematics and after graduating from high school he attended several European universities to obtain advanced instruction in his chosen field.

His doctoral thesis on entire functions, written under the guidance of E. Landau, was an important contribution which promised well for his future as a research mathematician in complex analysis.

After a brief period as Privatdozent at the University of Geneva, he followed his teacher and friend, Prof. Landau, in 1925 to the newly founded Hebrew University of Jerusalem to assist him in establishing a mathematical institute, now called the Einstein Institute of Mathematics. When Landau returned to Göttingen after a brief visiting professorship in Jerusalem, Amirà remained and devoted himself to the task of organizing and developing the institute into a center of intensive and productive mathematical activity. He established a library and convenient facilities for research and teaching. He made it possible to attract teachers and students of good quality to the institute and to create a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere of scientific endeavor.

The Journal d'Analyse Mathématique was established by him to help his colleagues publish articles of value and significance.

*based on: "in memoriam", Journal d'Analyse Mathématique, 23 (1970), pp. XII-XVI

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